lousy poetry


i’m a dream seeker
a world adventurer
an Utopia yearner,

get caught in the world full of tears and blood
turned out to be the inner core of the Earth
melting down,

my old self was dead

as the Soup to Stew
geyser pool

the yellowish fever
that summer I got
in Vermont,

incomprehensible, unspeakable, unfathomable

inside out
upside down
this world has no sense,

i’m sucking English
as a King sucking his lollipop
in the eternal realm.

(T2HM – A very first English poem of mine)




i’m listening to myself

practicing tongue n’ facial muscles
to move the ways ’em not used to

monotonous sounds
coming out from my naked mouth

blending with the rhythm of the water
falling down from the shower
bouncing around the white bathtub
disappearing into the deep dark hole

forgetting time

who i really am?

(T2HM, The joy of language – March 6, 2018)



close both eyes to see by The Third
listening to the laughing world



i’m practicing Zen,
look at things without thinking,
do everything with mindfulness,

but my dog died yesterday,
and all I see is,

dark gray